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    This chapter aimed at introducing the concepts of advertising, it history, advertising and its development in India, modern day advertising, celebrity endorsements, its beginning and development. Celebrities are therefore viewed as an honest and reliable source of information as people assume they are using what is being endorsed. Apparently, he spent a great deal of the movie refusing to come out of his trailer if it wasnt for a close up, and when he actually did decide to do some acting, the quality of work he produced was so bad that the director David Goyer encouraged Ryan Reynolds to go nuts on improv for the sake of entertainment. He has appeared in a number of TV series and major motion pictures and his charisma and witty humor have helped make him immensely popular. For a good amount of her career, Academy Award-winner Julia Roberts was considered Americas Sweetheart. The placement of a celebrity on a specific product makes it easier for consumers to embrace the idea of a purchase.

    Many brands will ride the celebrity's success wave when using them in an endorsement. The video message can provide correct working light levels for dramatic effect for your celebrity. A guiding rule is to choose paint tones that are a step down in saturation from the color you want for your celebrity perceived on the screen. Tony Bennett is the nicest guy ever. Can shoutouts via messages from celebrities provide the excitement that you relish?

    This might be a slice of heaven for fans that mght have been shopping in the store at the time. I guess he works with what he knows. When they were leaving, he leaned towards me and thanked me for treating him like a normal person. Contrasting this with non-celebrity advertisement personalities who have no fan base and are unknown to the public, one can see why an organization would prefer to use celebrity advertisers whose mere endorsement of the products represents an intrinsic increase in the products consumer base. Whereas those who undertake the central route of persuasion are less affected by these often superficial features and are more likely to choose an option based on the merits of the products or the strength of the argument. Light up their faces with a celebrity video messages shoutout from your favourite influencer.

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